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Elder Law for Senior Adults & Their Families

Leu & Peirce is here to help secure your future today. Long-term care planning involves some of the most important choices and decisions you will ever make. When you or your loved one are ready to plan for the future, we will guide you through the process to make sure your needs are met and your wishes honored.

Long-term Care Planning Needs

The attorneys of Leu & Peirce provide the experience and confidence you need, and back it with true compassion for you, your loved one, and the issues and concerns that need to be addressed. We can also help you with the planning needed to ensure your wishes are followed in decisions made on your behalf while you are living and decisions regarding distribution of your assets upon your death. From estate planning to long-term care planning to probate proceedings, we are here for all of your elder care and long-term planning needs.

We understand how difficult some of these decisions can be. We're here to hold your hand through the process. We look forward to partnering with you.

Protecting Your Future

Protecting Your Future
  • Where will I live if I can’t stay in my home?
  • Who will take care of me when I need help?
  • How will I pay for the care I may need?
  • Who can I trust to protect me?
  • How can I make sure my children or grandchildren will get everything I want them to have?
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