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Sometimes, a sudden fall or unexpected illness can place you or a family member in urgent need of long-term care, with no idea how you will pay for it. Many people are surprised and frustrated to learn that Medicare does not cover long-term skilled nursing care, which can cost up to $6,000 each month.

The attorneys of Leu & Peirce can help you and your family understand your options and guide you through these important decisions. At Leu & Peirce, we focus on the following areas of practice:


Some individuals reach a stage in life at which they are no longer able to make important decisions for themselves. In that case, it may be necessary for a court to appoint an individual, known as a guardian, to oversee the personal affairs or finances of the incapacitated individual.
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Public Benefits

When you reach the stage of life where you need help, there are many options to consider. The choices available to you will depend on your specific situation. Maybe you just need a little help with everyday tasks or perhaps you require full-time skilled nursing care. You may qualify for government assistance.
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Probate & Estate Administration

After a loved one passes away, the legalities involved in wrapping up the estate and transferring title to assets can seem overwhelming. The attorneys at Leu & Peirce can walk you through the process, giving you the peace of mind you need at this difficult time.
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Estate Planning

Planning for the future can be intimidating and difficult, but it is something that everyone should do, regardless of the amount of assets or income one has.
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Special Needs Trust

A special needs trust is created by a parent, grandparent, or guardian in order to take care of a loved one under 65 who is disabled or mentally ill.
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Become better educated on wills, elder law, probate, guardianship, estate tax and more.

"When my mother passed away, Lori helped me figure out what needed to be done with her estate. I have already recommended Leu & Peirce to several friends, and will continue to refer others to the firm."

Charlene - Client