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Probate & Estate Administration

After a loved one passes away, the legalities involved in wrapping up the estate and transferring title to assets can seem overwhelming. The attorneys at Leu & Peirce can walk you through the process, giving you the peace of mind you need at this difficult time.

If the title to assets needs to be transferred, a proceeding through the probate court is ordinarily required. The type of proceeding, however, will depend upon whether a Will exists, the terms of the Will, the existence of debts, and the value of the estate, among other things. The initial decision will be based on whether a properly drafted Will exists. We will help you understand all of your options, including whether the Will should be probated as a muniment of title or an independent or dependent administration, and assist you throughout the probate proceeding. If no properly drafted Will exists, we will assist you with an heirship proceeding to determine the appropriate distribution of assets or a small estate affidavit, depending upon the value of the overall estate.

While the majority of Wills are probated with little dispute among the beneficiaries, there are occasional contests over the validity and terms of a Will. Our experience as civil litigators equips us to assist you throughout the probate process and be prepared for any potential disputes. With nearly 30 years of collective litigation experience, we can advise you of your alternatives and advocate aggressively on your behalf.

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