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Becoming/obtaining a legal guardian.  If you or a loved one reaches a stage in life where you are no longer able to make important decisions for yourself, and there is no effective power of attorney in place, it may be necessary for a court to appoint a guardian to oversee your personal affairs or finances.

In addition, guardianships may be necessary to manage financial resources that have been transferred to a minor, or to allow the parents of disabled minor children approaching age 18 to continue to care for the physical and financial resources of their adult children.

Unfortunately, guardianships may also be necessary to protect a loved one from exploitation by unscrupulous or misguided people.

If you need assistance in seeking guardianship over a loved one, an attorney with Leu & Peirce can provide the counsel and representation you need to ensure proper care of all aspects of your loved one’s health, well-being, and financial security.

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